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  ( redeems    3rd person present)   ( redeeming    present participle)   ( redeemed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you redeemyourself or your reputation, you do something that makes people have a good opinion of you again after you have behaved or performed badly.  
He had realized the mistake he had made and wanted to redeem himself...      V n  
The sole redeeming feature of your behaviour is that you're not denying it.      V-ing  
2       verb   When something redeems an unpleasant thing or situation, it prevents it from being completely bad.  
Work is the way that people seek to redeem their lives from futility...      V n  
Does this institution have any redeeming features?      V-ing  
3       verb   If you redeem a debt or money that you have promised to someone, you pay money that you owe or that you promised to pay.  
FORMAL   The amount required to redeem the mortgage was £358,587...      V n  
4       verb   If you redeem an object that belongs to you, you get it back from someone by repaying them money that you borrowed from them, after using the object as a guarantee.  
Make sure you know exactly what you will be paying back when you plan to redeem the item.      V n  
5       verb   In religions such as Christianity, to redeem someone means to save them by freeing them from sin and evil.  
...a new female spiritual force to redeem the world.      V n  
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1    buy back, reclaim, recover, recover possession of, regain, repossess, repurchase, retrieve, win back  
2    cash (in), change, exchange, trade in  
3    abide by, acquit, adhere to, be faithful to, carry out, discharge, fulfil, hold to, keep, keep faith with, make good, meet, perform, satisfy  
4    absolve, rehabilitate, reinstate, restore to favour  
5    atone for, compensate for, defray, make amends for, make good, make up for, offset, outweigh, redress, save  
6    buy the freedom of, deliver, emancipate, extricate, free, liberate, pay the ransom of, ransom, rescue, save, set free  

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