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  ( eyebrows    plural  )
1       n-count   Your eyebrows are the lines of hair which grow above your eyes.  
usu pl, oft poss N  
2    If something causes you to raise an eyebrow    or to raise your eyebrows, it causes you to feel surprised or disapproving.      
raise an eyebrow             phrase   V inflects  
An intriguing item on the news pages caused me to raise an eyebrow over my morning coffee...     
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raise     ( raises    plural & 3rd person present)   ( raising    present participle)   ( raised    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you raise something, you move it so that it is in a higher position.  
He raised his hand to wave...      V n  
Milton raised the glass to his lips.      V n prep/adv  
...a small raised platform.      V-ed  
2       verb   If you raise a flag, you display it by moving it up a pole or into a high place where it can be seen.  
They had raised the white flag in surrender...      V n  
3       verb   If you raiseyourself, you lift your body so that you are standing up straight, or so that you are no longer lying flat.   (=lift)  
He raised himself into a sitting position...      V pron-refl  
4       verb   If you raise the rate or level of something, you increase it.   (=increase)  
The Republic of Ireland is expected to raise interest rates...      V n  
...a raised body temperature.      V-ed  
5       verb   To raise the standard of something means to improve it.   (=improve)  
...a new drive to raise standards of literacy in Britain's schools.      V n  
6       verb   If you raise your voice, you speak more loudly, usually because you are angry.  
Don't you raise your voice to me, Henry Rollins!...      V n  
7       n-count   A raise is an increase in your wages or salary.  
Within two months Kelly got a raise.     
in BRIT, use rise     
8       verb   If you raise money for a charity or an institution, you ask people for money which you collect on its behalf.  
...events held to raise money for Help the Aged...      V n for n  
9       verb   If a person or company raises money that they need, they manage to get it, for example by selling their property or by borrowing.  
They raised the money to buy the house and two hundred acres of grounds.      V n  
10       verb   If an event raises a particular emotion or question, it makes people feel the emotion or consider the question.  
The agreement has raised hopes that the war may end soon...      V n  
The accident again raises questions about the safety of the plant.      V n  
11       verb   If you raise a subject, an objection, or a question, you mention it or bring it to someone's attention.  
He had been consulted and had raised no objections.      V n  
12       verb   Someone who raises a child looks after it until it is grown up.   (=bring up)  
My mother was an amazing woman. She raised four of us kids virtually singlehandedly.      V n  
13       verb   If someone raises a particular type of animal or crop, they breed that type of animal or grow that type of crop.  
He raises 2,000 acres of wheat and hay.      V n  
    to raise the alarm  
    to raise your eyebrows  
    to raise a finger  
    to raise hell  
    to raise a laugh  
    to raise the roof  

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1    build, construct, elevate, erect, exalt, heave, hoist, lift, move up, promote, put up, rear, set upright, uplift  
2    advance, aggravate, amplify, augment, boost, enhance, enlarge, escalate, exaggerate, heighten, hike (up)     (informal)   increase, inflate, intensify, jack up, magnify, put up, reinforce, strengthen  
3    advance, aggrandize, elevate, exalt, prefer, promote, upgrade  
4    activate, arouse, awaken, cause, evoke, excite, foment, foster, incite, instigate, kindle, motivate, provoke, rouse, set on foot, stir up, summon up, whip up  
5    bring about, cause, create, engender, give rise to, occasion, originate, produce, provoke, start  
6    advance, bring up, broach, introduce, moot, put forward, suggest  
7    assemble, collect, form, gather, get, levy, mass, mobilize, muster, obtain, rally, recruit  
8    breed, bring up, cultivate, develop, grow, nurture, produce, propagate, rear  
9    abandon, end, give up, lift, relieve, relinquish, remove, terminate  
1    demolish, destroy, level, ruin, wreck  
2    cut, decrease, diminish, drop, lessen, lower, reduce, sink  
3    demote, downgrade, reduce  
4    calm, depress, lessen, lower, quash, quell, reduce, sink, soothe, suppress  
9    begin, establish, start  

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raise a price after agreeing on a lower one
Common real estate term but 'of uncertain origin'. However WW1 Australian soldier's diary records: "Huge rubber gun gazumps were falling all over the town [Watten]..." A weapon?
1: marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections <captious critics> 2: calculated to confuse, entrap, or entangle in argument <a captious question>
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