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1       adj   Something that is prickly feels rough and uncomfortable, as if it has a lot of prickles.  
The bunk mattress was hard, the blankets prickly and slightly damp...     
2       adj   Someone who is prickly loses their temper or gets upset very easily.   (=touchy)  
You know how prickly she is.     
3       adj   A prickly issue or subject is one that is rather complicated and difficult to discuss or resolve.   (=thorny)  
The issue is likely to prove a prickly one.     

prickly heat     
Prickly heat is a condition caused by very hot weather, in which your skin becomes hot, uncomfortable, and covered with tiny bumps.      n-uncount  
prickly pear        ( prickly pears    plural  ) A prickly pear is a kind of cactus that has round fruit with prickles on. The fruit, which you can eat, is also called a prickly pear.      n-count  
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A water-storage area making the surrounding region fertile, or providing a city with its water supply.
A pipe that carries water and pollutants after being used in houses and businesses.
a leaky tap that tends to spray water over ones trousers whenever used.
1) a boat or ship or such vessels collectively 2) skill in handling boats or in water sports
A process by which fish are taken from a weir with the use of a net which is dipped in the water
live without being connected to one of more public utilities (such as water, electric power)


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