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  ( prayers    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Prayer is the activity of speaking to God.  
They had joined a religious order and dedicated their lives to prayer and good works..., The night was spent in prayer.     
2       n-count   A prayer is the words a person says when they speak to God.  
They should take a little time and say a prayer for the people on both sides.     
3       n-count   You can refer to a strong hope that you have as your prayer.  
poss N  
This drug could be the answer to our prayers.     
4       n-plural   A short religious service at which people gather to pray can be referred to as prayers.  
He promised that the boy would be back at school in time for evening prayers.     

Lord's Prayer     
The Lord's Prayer is a Christian prayer that was originally taught by Jesus Christ to his followers.      n-proper   the N  
prayer book        ( prayer books    plural  ) A prayer book is a book which contains the prayers which are used in church or at home.      n-count  
prayer meeting        ( prayer meetings    plural  ) A prayer meeting is a religious meeting where people say prayers to God.      n-count  
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