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  ( poorer    comparative)   ( poorest    superlative  )
1       adj   Someone who is poor has very little money and few possessions.,   (Antonym: rich)    The reason our schools cannot afford better teachers is because people here are poor..., He was one of thirteen children from a poor family.     
      The poor are people who are poor., n-plural   the N  
Even the poor have their pride.     
2       adj   The people in a poor country or area have very little money and few possessions.,   (Antonym: rich)    Many countries in the Third World are as poor as they have ever been., ...a settlement house for children in a poor neighborhood.     
3       adj   You use poor to express your sympathy for someone.  
ADJ n     (feelings)    I feel sorry for that poor child..., Poor chap<endash>he was killed in an air crash...     
4       adj   If you describe something as poor, you mean that it is of a low quality or standard or that it is in bad condition.  
The flat was in a poor state of repair..., The wine was poor.     
  poorly      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v  
Some are living in poorly built dormitories, even in tents...     
5       adj   If you describe an amount, rate, or number as poor, you mean that it is less than expected or less than is considered reasonable.  
...poor wages and working conditions.     
  poorly      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v   (=badly)  
During the first week, the evening meetings were poorly attended...     
6       adj   You use poor to describe someone who is not very skilful in a particular activity.  
usu ADJ n, also v-link ADJ at -ing/n  
He was a poor actor..., Hospitals are poor at collecting information.     
  poorly      adv   ADV after v  
That is the fact of Hungarian football<endash>they can play very well or very poorly.     
7       adj   If something is poor in a particular quality or substance, it contains very little of the quality or substance.  
v-link ADJ in n  
...soil that is poor in zinc.     

dirt-poor      , dirt poor  
A dirt-poor person or place is extremely poor.      adj  
If you describe something as piss-poor, you think it is of extremely poor quality.  
INFORMAL, RUDE      adj  
...a piss-poor comedy directed by John Landis.     
poor relation        ( poor relations    plural  ) If you describe one thing as a poor relationof another, you mean that it is similar to or part of the other thing, but is considered to be inferior to it.      n-count   usu N of n  
Watercolour still seems somehow to be the poor relation of oil painting.     
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officer of the Church of England
sweat excessively
something not worthy; something of poor quality; a crap
[Slang] This book is a bag of wank, I am disappointed.
expression used for warning that, although something seems to be over, settled, new events that could change the situation may occur
syn.: "it ain't over till it's over"


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