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  ( perches    plural & 3rd person present)   ( perching    present participle)   ( perched          past tense & past participle  )
The form perch is used for both the singular and plural in meaning 6.     
1       verb   If you perch on something, you sit down lightly on the very edge or tip of it.  
He lit a cigarette and perched on the corner of the desk...      V prep/adv  
He perched himself on the side of the bed.      V pron-refl prep/adv  
   perched             adj   v-link ADJ prep/adv  
She was perched on the edge of the sofa.     
2       verb   To perch somewhere means to be on the top or edge of something.  
...the vast slums that perch precariously on top of the hills around which the city was built.      V prep/adv  
   perched             adj   v-link ADJ prep/adv  
St. John's is a small college perched high up in the hills...     
3       verb   If you perch something on something else, you put or balance it on the top or edge of that thing.  
The builders have perched a light concrete dome on eight slender columns.      V n on n  
4       verb   When a bird percheson something such as a branch or a wall, it lands on it and stands there.  
A blackbird flew down and perched on the parapet outside his window.      V prep  
5       n-count   A perch is a short rod for a bird to stand on.  
6       n-count   A perch is an edible fish. There are several kinds of perch.  
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