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1       adj   Nuclear means relating to the nuclei of atoms, or to the energy released when these nuclei are split or combined.  
ADJ n  
...a nuclear power station., ...nuclear energy., ...nuclear physics.     
2       adj   Nuclear means relating to weapons that explode by using the energy released when the nuclei of atoms are split or combined.  
ADJ n   (=atomic)  
They rejected a demand for the removal of all nuclear weapons from UK soil., ...nuclear testing.     

in AM, also use nonnuclear     
Non-nuclear means not using or involving nuclear weapons or nuclear power.      adj  
  (Antonym: nuclear)   
The agreement is the first postwar treaty to reduce non-nuclear weapons in Europe.     
nuclear capability        ( nuclear capabilities    plural  ) If a country has nuclear capability, it is able to produce nuclear power and usually nuclear weapons.      n-var  
nuclear family        ( nuclear families    plural  ) A nuclear family is a family unit that consists of father, mother, and children.      n-count  
A nuclear-free place is a place where nuclear energy or nuclear weapons are forbidden.      adj   usu ADJ n  
Strathclyde council has declared itself a nuclear-free zone.     
nuclear fuel        ( nuclear fuels    plural  ) Nuclear fuel is fuel that provides nuclear energy, for example in power stations.      n-var  
nuclear reactor        ( nuclear reactors    plural  ) A nuclear reactor is a machine which is used to produce nuclear energy or the place where this machine and other related machinery and equipment is kept.      n-count  
They shut down the nuclear reactor for safety reasons.     
nuclear winter     
Nuclear winter refers to the possible effects on the environment of a war in which large numbers of nuclear weapons are used. It is thought that there would be very low temperatures and very little light during a nuclear winter.      n-uncount   also a N  
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unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.
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