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1       adj   You use mutual to describe a situation, feeling, or action that is experienced, felt, or done by both of two people mentioned.  
The East and the West can work together for their mutual benefit and progress..., It's plain that he adores his daughter, and the feeling is mutual.     
  mutually      adv   ADV adj/adv, ADV before v  
Attempts to reach a mutually agreed solution had been fruitless...     
2       adj   You use mutual to describe something such as an interest which two or more people share.  
usu ADJ n  
They do, however, share a mutual interest in design..., We were introduced by a mutual friend.     
3       adj   If a building society or an insurance company has mutual status, it is not owned by shareholders but by its customers, who receive a share of the profits.  
Britain's third largest building society abandoned its mutual status and became a bank.     

mutual fund        ( mutual funds    plural  ) A mutual fund is an organization which invests money in many different kinds of business and which offers units for sale to the public as an investment.  
  (AM, BUSINESS)      n-count  
in BRIT, use unit trust     
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mutual sexual gratification
Collins defines it a compound . Mine is a lovers phrase.


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