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  ( mountains    plural  )
1       n-count   A mountain is a very high area of land with steep sides.  
Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is Britain's highest mountain.     
2       quant   If you talk about a mountainof something, or mountainsof something, you are emphasizing that there is a large amount of it.  
INFORMAL   QUANT of pl-n/n-uncount     (emphasis)    They are faced with a mountain of bureaucracy...     
3    If you say that someone has a mountain to climb, you mean that it will be difficult for them to achieve what they want to achieve.     (JOURNALISM)  
a mountain to climb      phrase   usu v PHR  
`We had a mountain to climb after the second goal went in,' said Crosby.     
    to make a mountain out of a molehill  

mountain bike        ( mountain bikes    plural  ) A mountain bike is a type of bicycle that is suitable for riding over rough ground. It has a strong frame and thick tyres.      n-count  
mountain lion        ( mountain lions    plural  ) A mountain lion is a wild animal that is a member of the cat family. Mountain lions have brownish-grey fur and live in mountain regions of North and South America.  
  (mainly AM)      n-count   (=cougar)  
in BRIT, use puma     
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name given to the Great Lakes Storm of 1913
c'est la montagne qui accouche d'une souris
distance d'un doigt ou d'une montagne, quelle différence ?
celui qui a déplacé la montagne, c'est celui qui a commencé par enlever les petites pierres
imite la source qui ne tarit pas et non l'averse qui inonde la montagne
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