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  ( medicals    plural  )
1       adj   Medical means relating to illness and injuries and to their treatment or prevention.  
ADJ n  
Several police officers received medical treatment for cuts and bruises., ...the medical profession.     
  medically      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj, ADV with cl  
Therapists cannot prescribe drugs as they are not necessarily medically qualified.     
2       n-count   A medical is a thorough examination of your body by a doctor, for example before you start a new job.  

medical examiner        ( medical examiners    plural  )
1       n-count   A medical examiner is a medical expert who is responsible for investigating the deaths of people who have died in a sudden, violent, or unusual way.  
2       n-count   A medical examiner is a doctor whose job is to examine people, for example when they apply for a job or for health insurance.  
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Physician Led management of Medical Emergencies from Emergency Call to Hospital intensive Care and GP emergencies in a SAMU in a global Integrated EMS
Medical term
physician in charge in a SAMU medical Regulation center of evaluation of , calssification , sorting Medical Emergencies, and deciding of the prehospital best emergency care
called also Medical Regulator and different of English Medical Dispatchers who are not physicians
Doctor of Medicine; Physician
MD Physician
dispatcher in EMS Control Center
Medical Doctor Manning
Integrated Emergency Medical System
Global sytem including EMS and all Emergency Care Resources from Medical Emergency Call to Emergency Medical Specialized Hospital Services
1 Emergency Medical Technician 2 Nickname for Paramedical Professional
Public Health principal task of a Samu . Reception Evaluation, Triaging of Medical Emergencies through Medical Hotline.
See also Medical Regulator Physician
Emergency Medical Services - Polysemic Term used in USA and UK for Prehospital Emergency Services and other countries as the whole chain from Emergency Call to Hospital Intensive Care services.
Care Traduction difficulty !
(Medical) repetitive fits or crises : sign of vital distress
Status epilepticus, asthmiticus
[med.] of or relating to the medical consideration of the whole person in the treatment of a disease, not only physically but also taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms
Ex: That clinic offers a holistic medecine approach to treat both the body and the mind sometimes even using practises from eastern traditions such as meditation or acupuncture.
forced by a medical condition to spend most of the time home
The practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions
[Med.] Ex: In his job as a pharmacovigilance officer, Andrew develops diagnostic tools to improve drug safety
1 Ambulance and Primary Care medical emergencies 2 Ambulance Emergency Care
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