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     ( punts    plural  )
Pronounced [PH:p][PH:^][PH:n][PH:t] for meaning 1 and [PH:p][PH:U][PH:n][PH:t] for meaning 2.     
1       n-count   A punt is a long boat with a flat bottom. You move the boat along by standing at one end and pushing a long pole against the bottom of the river.  
  (mainly BRIT)  
2       n-count   The punt was the unit of money used in the Irish Republic before it was replaced by the euro.  
num N  
The round-trip fare to Havana is 550 Irish punts ($673).     
      The punt was also used to refer to the Irish currency system., n-sing   the N  
...the cost of defending the punt against speculators.     
Translation English - Synonyms Collins Dictionary  
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