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  ( Latins    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Latin is the language which the ancient Romans used to speak.  
2       adj   Latin countries are countries where Spanish, or perhaps Portuguese, Italian, or French, is spoken. You can also use Latin to refer to things and people that come from these countries.  
usu ADJ n  
Cuba was one of the least Catholic of the Latin countries..., The enthusiasm for Latin music is worldwide.     
3       n-count   Latins are people who come from countries where Spanish, or perhaps Portuguese, Italian, or French, are spoken or whose families come from one of these countries.  
usu pl  
They are role models for thousands of young Latins.     

Latin American        ( Latin Americans    plural  )
1       adj   Latin American means belonging or relating to the countries of South America, Central America, and Mexico. Latin American also means belonging or relating to the people of culture of these countries.  
usu ADJ n  
2       n-count   A Latin American is someone who lives in or comes from South America, Central America, or Mexico.  
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to feel or cause to feel great sorrow or distress, esp. at the death of someone 2 tr Obsolete to inflict injury, hardship, or sorrow on (C13: from Old French grever, from Latin gravare to burden, from gravis heavy) ♦ griever n ♦ grieving n, adj ♦ grievingly adv


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