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  ( openings    plural  )
1       adj   The opening event, item, day, or week in a series is the first one.  
ADJ n  
They returned to take part in the season's opening game., ...the opening day of the fifth General Synod.     
2       n-count   Theopeningof something such as a book, play, or concert is the first part of it.  
usu N of n   (=beginning)  
The opening of the scene depicts Akhnaten and his family in a moment of intimacy.     
3       n-count   An opening is a hole or empty space through which things or people can pass.  
He squeezed through a narrow opening in the fence.     
4       n-count   An opening in a forest is a small area where there are no trees or bushes.  
  (mainly AM)  
I glanced down at the beach as we passed an opening in the trees.     
in BRIT, usually use clearing     
5       n-count   An opening is a good opportunity to do something, for example to show people how good you are.  
Her capabilities were always there; all she needed was an opening to show them.     
6       n-count   An opening is a job that is available.  
We don't have any openings now, but we'll call you if something comes up.     

opening hours     
Opening hours are the times during which a shop, bank, library, or bar is open for business.      n-plural  
Opening hours are 9.30am-5.45pm, Mon-Fri.     
opening night        ( opening nights    plural  ) The opening night of a play or an opera is the first night on which a particular production is performed.      n-count   (=premier, first night)  
opening time        ( opening times    plural  )
1       n-uncount   You can refer to the time that a shop, bank, library, or bar opens for business as its opening time.  
also the N  
Shoppers began arriving long before the 10am opening time.     
2       n-plural   The opening times of a place such as a shop, a restaurant, or a museum is the period during which it is open.   (=opening hours)  
Ask the local tourist office about opening times.     
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work perfectly performed
When I asked the students to do their homework, they did a bang up job.
blow job ; oral sex
a humorous way of recommending someone not to pursue something at which they are unlikely to be good or successful and thus, to rather stick to what they can do best, namely, their job
Ex.: Although she had poured her whole heart and soul into her singing at the karaoke, her somewhat cruel but nonetheless lucid friends told her: 'don't give up the day job!'
a career advancement website based in Palo Alto, California, specializing in Job Search / Job Hunt.
[Comp.] "I found my job at"
A culture of internet only jobs has coined the phrase Wirk. Wirk simply means Internet Work. Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet and furthermore the work is likely to be carried out over the internet and payment received for work undertaken via the internet. Wirk describes both full time and part time internet work. Because of the nature of Wirk and the ability for anyone that has internet connection to earn money from Wirk, it is currently more likely to be a part time occupation than full time. Paid Online Questionnaires, Content Writing, Search Marketing are all examples of Wirk.
This is a term rising in popularity
the skillful art of eyeing and identifying employment arrangements, by either job seekers or the publishers of staffing vacancies.
[Bus.] Ex.: Jack was adept at employerism and thus was able to fill most of the job openings in his department in a relatively short period of time.
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