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1       adj   If events or actions occur at irregular intervals, the periods of time between them are of different lengths.,   (Antonym: regular)    Cars passed at irregular intervals..., He worked irregular hours.     
  irregularly      adv   ADV with v  
He was eating irregularly, steadily losing weight.     
  irregularity     ( irregularities    plural)    n-var  
...a dangerous irregularity in her heartbeat.     
2       adj   Something that is irregular is not smooth or straight, or does not form a regular pattern.   (=uneven)     (Antonym: regular)    He had bad teeth, irregular and discolored.     
  irregularly      adv   usu ADV -ed  
Located off-center in the irregularly shaped lake was a fountain.     
  irregularity      n-var  
...treatment of abnormalities or irregularities of the teeth.     
3       adj   Irregular behaviour is dishonest or not in accordance with the normal rules.  
...the minister accused of irregular business practices...     
  irregularity      n-var  
...charges arising from alleged financial irregularities.     
4       adj   An irregular verb, noun, or adjective has different forms from most other verbs, nouns, or adjectives in the language. For example, `break' is an irregular verb because its past form is `broke', not `breaked'.,   (Antonym: regular)   
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1    desultory, disconnected, eccentric, erratic, fitful, fluctuating, fragmentary, haphazard, inconstant, intermittent, nonuniform, occasional, out of order, patchy, random, shifting, spasmodic, sporadic, uncertain, uneven, unmethodical, unpunctual, unsteady, unsystematic, variable, wavering  
2    abnormal, anomalous, capricious, disorderly, eccentric, exceptional, extraordinary, immoderate, improper, inappropriate, inordinate, odd, peculiar, queer, quirky, rum     (Brit. slang)   unconventional, unofficial, unorthodox, unsuitable, unusual  
3    asymmetrical, broken, bumpy, craggy, crooked, elliptic, elliptical, holey, jagged, lopsided, lumpy, pitted, ragged, rough, serrated, unequal, uneven, unsymmetrical  
4    guerrilla, partisan, volunteer  
1    certain, invariable, methodical, punctual, reliable, steady, systematic  
2    appropriate, conventional, normal, orthodox, proper, regular, usual  
3    balanced, equal, even, regular, smooth, symmetrical  

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