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  ( inters    3rd person present)   ( interring    present participle)   ( interred    past tense & past participle  ) When a dead person is interred, they are buried.  
FORMAL      verb  
...the spot where his bones were originally interred.      be V-ed, Also V n  

Inter- combines with adjectives and nouns to form adjectives indicating that something connects two or more places, things, or groups of people. For example, inter-governmental relations are relations between governments.      prefix  
He hopes to be able to announce a date for inter-party talks., ...a policy of encouraging inter-racial marriage.     
inter alia     
You use inter alia, meaning `among other things', when you want to say that there are other things involved apart from the one you are mentioning.  
inter alia      phrase   PHR with cl  
...a collector who had, inter alia, 900 engraved gems, 59 marble busts, and over 2,500 coins and medals.     
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