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To meet the needs of people learning English, Reverso offers a free English dictionary that goes far beyond what a normal monolingual dictionary or thesaurus can provide by explaining the use of words and phrases in natural language and providing real-life examples. This English dictionary for learners features definitions written in language that is easy to understand, examples taken from actual texts and conversations, and explanations of grammar.

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ram-raid rambler rambling ramblings rambunctious
ramekin ramp rampage rampant ramrod
ramshackle ran ranch ranching rancid
rancorous rancour random randomize randy
range ranger rangy rank rank and file
ransack ransom rant rap rapacious
rapacity re-enter re-entry re-examine re-route
re-run reach reaches react reaction
reactionary reactivate reactive reactor readable
reader readiness reading reading lamp readjust
readjustment readout ready ready meal ready-to-wear
reaffirm reafforestation reagent real real estate
real life real time real world real-time realign
realignment realise realism realist realistic
reality reality TV realizable reallocate really
reap reaper reappear reappraise rear
Rear Admiral rear-end rear-view mirror rearguard rearm
rearmament rearrange reason reasonable reasoned
reasoning reassemble reassert reassess reassessment
reassurance reassure reassuring reawaken rebadge
rebate rebel rebellion rebellious rebirth
reborn rebound rebrand rebuild recreational vehicle
recrimination recruit recruitment consultant rectal rectangle
rectangular rectification rectify rectitude rector
recumbent recycle Red Crescent Red Cross red light
red meat red pepper red tape red-handed red-hot
redbrick redcurrant redden reddish redeem
redemptive redeploy redeployment redesign redevelopment
redhead rediscovery redneck redolent redound
redraw redress reduce reducible reduction
reductionist redundancy redundant redwood reef
reefer reek ref refectory refer
referee reference reference library referendum referral
rein reincarnation reindeer reinforce reinforced concrete
reinforcement reinstate reissue reiterate reject
rejig rejigger rejoice rejoin rejoinder
rekindle related relationship relative relative clause
relatively relativism relativist relativity relaxation
relay release relegate reliant relieved
religion religiosity religious religiously relinquish
relish reload relocate relocation expenses reluctant
rely remain remainder remake remand
remand centre remark remarkable remarry remaster
rematch remedial remedy remember remembrance

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