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  ( standings    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Someone's standing is their reputation or status.  
with supp, oft adj N, with poss artist of international standing..., He has improved his country's standing abroad...     
2       n-count   A party's or person's standing is their popularity.  
usu sing, with poss  
But, as the opinion poll shows, the party's standing with the people at large has never been so low...     
3       adj   You use standing to describe something which is permanently in existence.  
ADJ n   (=permanent)  
Israel has a relatively small standing army and its strength is based on its reserves..., Elizabeth had a standing invitation to stay with her.     
5    You can use the expression of many years' standing to say that something has had a particular function or someone has had a particular role for many years. For example, if a place is your home of ten years' standing, it has been your home for ten years.  
of many years' standing             phrase   n PHR  
...a Congressman of 24 years' standing..., My girlfriend of long standing left me.     
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
Something that as soon as it is done becomes decided upon to repeat the next year and years to come. Does not necessarily have to had been done previous years to be defined an instant tradition.
a very creative person; someone who is always able to come up with fresh ideas
come on
Slang; written abbreviation, there`s no difference in pronunciation for "c`mon "and "come on".
quit disobeying; start acting like someone would want to
E.g. Finally, her husband has come to heel and they will buy a new car, as she wants.
consider something seriously and start taking actions about it
person born at the end of the 90s ; persons starting their teen life of the beginning of the years 2000
term coined by the James Bond movie, meaning that a great danger will come for Bond to overcome
anyone with a good definition ?
used for saying that you will be happy if more people come or take part in what you are doing
happening once a year
Ex.: My favorite annual event is Christmas because I eat my mother's great feast and get christmas presents from Santa Claus.
def.: if you are too confident about yourself, something bad will happen to show you that you are not as good as you think you are
expression used to point out that one will eventually face the consequences of his own actions
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