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  ( favours    plural & 3rd person present)   ( favouring    present participle)   ( favoured    past tense & past participle  )
in AM, use favor     
1       n-uncount   If you regard something or someone with favour, you like or support them.  
It remains to be seen if the show will still find favour with a 1990s audience..., No one would look with favour on the continuing military rule..., He has won favour with a wide range of interest groups.     
2       n-count   If you do someone afavour, you do something for them even though you do not have to.  
I've come to ask you to do me a favour...     
3       verb   If you favour something, you prefer it to the other choices available.  
The French say they favour a transition to democracy...      V n  
He favours bringing the UN into touch with `modern realities'.      V -ing  
4       verb   If you favour someone, you treat them better or in a kinder way than you treat other people.  
The Government came under fire yesterday for favouring elitist arts groups in the South-east...      V n  
5    If you are in favourof something, you support it and think that it is a good thing.  
in favour      phrase   oft v-link PHR, PHR of n  
I wouldn't be in favour of income tax cuts..., Yet this is a Government which proclaims that it is all in favour of openness..., The vote passed with 111 in favour and 25 against.     
6    If someone makes a judgment in your favour, they say that you are right about something.  
in sb's favour      phrase   PHR after v  
If the commission rules in Mr Welch's favour the case will go to the European Court of Human Rights.     
7    If something is in your favour, it helps you or gives you an advantage.  
in sb's favour      phrase   n PHR, PHR after v, v-link PHR  
Firms are trying to shift the balance of power in the labour market back in their favour.     
8    If one thing is rejected in favour of    another, the second thing is done or chosen instead of the first.      
in favour of             phrase   PHR n, usu PHR after v  
The policy was rejected in favour of a more cautious approach.     
9    If someone or something is in favour, people like or support them. If they are out of favour, people no longer like or support them.  
in favour/out of favour      phrase   v-link PHR  
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  



1    approbation, approval, backing, bias, championship, espousal, esteem, favouritism, friendliness, good opinion, goodwill, grace, kindness, kind regard, partiality, patronage, promotion, support  
2    benefit, boon, courtesy, good turn, indulgence, kindness, obligement     (Scot. or archaic)   service  
3    in favour of      all for     (informal)   backing, for, on the side of, pro, supporting, to the benefit of  
4    gift, keepsake, love-token, memento, present, souvenir, token  
5    badge, decoration, knot, ribbons, rosette  
6    be partial to, esteem, have in one's good books, indulge, pamper, pull strings for     (informal)   reward, side with, smile upon, spoil, treat with partiality, value  
7    advocate, approve, back, be in favour of, champion, choose, commend, countenance, encourage, espouse, fancy, incline towards, like, opt for, patronize, prefer, single out, support  
8    abet, accommodate, advance, aid, assist, befriend, do a kindness to, facilitate, help, oblige, promote, succour  
9      (informal)   be the image or picture of, look like, resemble, take after  
10    ease, extenuate, spare  
,       n  
1    animosity, antipathy, disapproval, disfavour, ill will, malevolence  
2    disservice, harm, injury, wrong  
      vb   disapprove, disdain, dislike, inconvenience, object to, oppose, thwart  

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