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1       adj   If you describe someone as ignorant, you mean that they do not know things they should know. If someone is ignorantof a fact, they do not know it.  
oft ADJ of/about n  
People don't like to ask questions for fear of appearing ignorant...     
2       adj   People are sometimes described as ignorant when they do something that is not polite or kind. Some people think that it is not correct to use ignorant with this meaning.  
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1    benighted, blind to, inexperienced, innocent, in the dark about, oblivious, unaware, unconscious, unenlightened, uninformed, uninitiated, unknowing, unschooled, unwitting  
2    as green as grass, green, illiterate, naive, unaware, uncultivated, uneducated, unknowledgeable, unlearned, unlettered, unread, untaught, untrained, untutored, wet behind the ears     (informal)  
3    crass, crude, gross, half-baked     (informal)   insensitive, rude, shallow, superficial, uncomprehending, unscholarly  
   astute, aware, brilliant, conscious, cultured, educated, informed, knowledgeable, learned, literate, sagacious, sophisticated, wise  

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an undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Source:


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