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1       adj   Someone who is hysterical is in a state of uncontrolled excitement, anger, or panic.  
Police and bodyguards had to protect him as the almost hysterical crowds struggled to approach him...     
  hysterically      adv   ADV with v, ADV adj/adv  
I don't think we can go round screaming hysterically: `Ban these dogs. Muzzle all dogs.'     
2       adj   Someone who is hysterical is in a state of violent and disturbed emotion that is usually a result of shock.  
I suffered bouts of really hysterical depression.     
  hysterically      adv  
I was curled up on the floor in a corner sobbing hysterically.     
3       adj   Hysterical laughter is loud and uncontrolled.  
INFORMAL   usu ADJ n  
I had to rush to the loo to avoid an attack of hysterical giggles.     
  hysterically      adv   ADV with v  
She says she hasn't laughed as hysterically since she was 13.     
4       adj   If you describe something or someone as hysterical, you think that they are very funny and they make you laugh a lot.  
INFORMAL   Paul Mazursky was Master of Ceremonies, and he was pretty hysterical.     
  hysterically      adv   ADV adj  
It wasn't supposed to be a comedy but I found it hysterically funny.     
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