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  ( hearings    plural  )
1       n-uncount   A person's or animal's hearing is the sense which makes it possible for them to be aware of sounds.  
oft poss N  
His mind still seemed clear and his hearing was excellent.     
2       n-count   A hearing is an official meeting which is held in order to collect facts about an incident or problem.  
The judge adjourned the hearing until next Tuesday.     
    hard of hearing  
4    If someone gives you a fair hearing or a hearing, they listen to you when you give your opinion about something.  
a fair hearing      phrase   usu PHR after v  
Weber gave a fair hearing to anyone who held a different opinion.     
5    If someone says something in your hearing or within your hearing, you can hear what they say because they are with you or near you.  
in/within sb's hearing      phrase   usu PHR after v  
No one spoke disparagingly of her father in her hearing.     

hard of hearing     
Someone who is hard of hearing is not able to hear properly.      adj   usu v-link ADJ  
hearing aid        ( hearing aids    plural  ) A hearing aid is a device which people with hearing difficulties wear in their ear to enable them to hear better.      n-count  
hearing dog        ( hearing dogs    plural  ) Hearing dogs are dogs that have been specially trained to help deaf people.      n-count  
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1    audition, auditory, ear, perception  
2    audience, audition, chance to speak, interview  
3    auditory range, earshot, hearing distance, range, reach, sound  
4    industrial tribunal, inquiry, investigation, review, trial  

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