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  ( gyrates    3rd person present)   ( gyrating    present participle)   ( gyrated    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you gyrate, you dance or move your body quickly with circular movements.  
The woman began to gyrate to the music.      V  
...a room stuffed full of gasping, gyrating bodies.      V-ing  
  gyration     ( gyrations    plural)    n-count   usu pl  
Prince continued his enthusiastic gyrations on stage.     
2       verb   To gyrate means to turn round and round in a circle, usually very fast.  
The aeroplane was gyrating about the sky in a most unpleasant fashion.      V prep, Also V  
3       verb   If things such as prices or currencies gyrate, they move up and down in a rapid and uncontrolled way.     (JOURNALISM)  
Interest rates began to gyrate up towards 20 per cent in 1980 and then down and up again.      V adv/prep, Also V  
  gyration      n-count   usu pl, with supp  
...the gyrations of the currency markets.     
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circle, pirouette, revolve, rotate, spin, spiral, twirl, whirl  

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