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  ( giddier    comparative)   ( giddiest    superlative  )
1       adj   If you feel giddy, you feel unsteady and think that you are about to fall over, usually because you are not well.   (=dizzy)  
He felt giddy and light-headed.     
  giddiness      n-uncount  
A wave of giddiness swept over her.     
2       adj   If you feel giddywith delight or excitement, you feel so happy or excited that you find it hard to think or act normally.  
Anthony was giddy with self-satisfaction..., Being there gave me a giddy pleasure.     
  giddiness      n-uncount  
There's almost a giddiness surrounding the talks in Houston.     
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
celebrate smth. with excitement; party wildly; party all night long
experience a special pleasure, excitement out of smth.; enjoy smth. very much
E.g.: She gets a bang out of shopping.
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