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1       adj   You use fundamental to describe things, activities, and principles that are very important or essential. They affect the basic nature of other things or are the most important element upon which other things depend.  
usu ADJ n   (=basic)  
Our constitution embodies all the fundamental principles of democracy..., A fundamental human right is being withheld from these people...     
2       adj   You use fundamental to describe something which exists at a deep and basic level, and is therefore likely to continue.  
usu ADJ n   (=profound)  
But on this question, the two leaders have very fundamental differences...     
3       adj   If one thing is fundamental to another, it is absolutely necessary to it, and the second thing cannot exist, succeed, or be imagined without it.  
v-link ADJ to n   (=vital)  
The method they pioneered remains fundamental to research into the behaviour of nerve cells.     
4       adj   You can use fundamental to show that you are referring to what you consider to be the most important aspect of a situation, and that you are not concerned with less important details.  
ADJ n   (=basic)  
The fundamental problem lies in their inability to distinguish between reality and invention...     
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1. the operation or work of cutting grass and curing it for hay 2. the act of taking full advantage of an easy opportunity
work and operations made in drilling for maintaining petroleum or Gas wells effective
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