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  ( freedoms    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Freedom is the state of being allowed to do what you want to do. Freedoms are instances of this.  
also N in pl  
...freedom of speech..., They want greater political freedom..., Today we have the freedom to decide our own futures..., The United Nations Secretary-General has spoken of the need for individual freedoms and human rights.     
2       n-uncount   When prisoners or slaves are set free or escape, they gain their freedom.  
oft poss N   (=liberty)  
...the agreement worked out by the UN, under which all hostages and detainees would gain their freedom.     
3       n-uncount   Freedom from something you do not want means not being affected by it.  
N from n  
...all the freedom from pain that medicine could provide., ...freedom from government control.     
4       n-sing   The freedom of a particular city is a special honour which is given to a famous person who is connected with that city, or to someone who has performed some special service for the city.  
the N of n  

freedom fighter        ( freedom fighters    plural  ) If you refer to someone as a freedom fighter, you mean that they belong to a group that is trying to change the government of their country using violent methods, and you agree with or approve of this.      n-count  
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Right of every person to get any information online without any restriction
[Tech.] Right of information
It is right of every netizen to hold any opinion in cyberspace without any sanction.
[Tech.] freedom of expression
rules concerning what people are owed to or allowed of, according to ethical principles of freedom and applied in society
something that limits your freedom to do what you want
I wish I could live without constrains because I want to have more time to do what I want.
something that limits your freedom to do what you want
[US] constraints on spending have forced the company to rethink its plans.
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