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  ( forfeits    plural & 3rd person present)   ( forfeiting    present participle)   ( forfeited    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you forfeit something, you lose it or are forced to give it up because you have broken a rule or done something wrong.  
He was ordered to forfeit more than £1.5m in profits...      V n  
He argues that murderers forfeit their own right to life.      V n  
2       verb   If you forfeit something, you give it up willingly, especially so that you can achieve something else.  
He has forfeited a lucrative fee but feels his well-being is more important...      V n  
3       n-count   A forfeit is something that you have to give up because you have done something wrong.   (=penalty)  
That is the forfeit he must pay.     
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easily gained money
used for saying that you think someone is spending too much money on things they do not need
be exactly right
[Fam.] Ex.: Her guess was right on the money.
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This is a term rising in popularity
A prostitute who exchanges sexual favors for crack cocaine instead of money.
money paid to someone because they have suffered injury or loss, or because they own has been damaged
[US] She received compensation from the government for the damage caused to her property.
money that is paid because someone suffered from a loss of what they own (such as injury)
When you are responsible for someone's serious injury, I think you should pay compensation to that person.


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