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  ( files    plural & 3rd person present)   ( filing    present participle)   ( filed    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A file is a box or a folded piece of heavy paper or plastic in which letters or documents are kept.  
He sat behind a table on which were half a dozen files., ...a file of insurance papers.     
2       n-count   A file is a collection of information about a particular person or thing.  
oft N of/on n  
We already have files on people's tax details, mortgages and poll tax..., You must record and keep a file of all expenses.     
3       verb   If you file a document, you put it in the correct file.  
They are all filed alphabetically under author.      V n  
4       n-count   In computing, a file is a set of related data that has its own name.  
5       verb   If you file a formal or legal accusation, complaint, or request, you make it officially.  
A number of them have filed formal complaints against the police...      V n  
I filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery a few months later.      V for n  
6       verb   When someone files a report or a news story, they send or give it to their employer.  
Catherine Bond filed that report for the BBC from Nairobi...      V n  
7       verb   When a group of people files somewhere, they walk one behind the other in a line.  
Slowly, people filed into the room and sat down.      V prep/adv  
8       n-count   A file is a hand tool which is used for rubbing hard objects to make them smooth, shape them, or cut through them.  
9       verb   If you file an object, you smooth it, shape it, or cut it with a file.  
Manicurists are skilled at shaping and filing nails.      V n  
    nail file  
    rank and file  
11    Something that is on file or on someone's files is recorded or kept in a file or in a collection of information.  
on file/ on sb's files      phrase   v-link PHR, PHR after v  
His fingerprints were on file in Washington..., We'll keep your details on file..., It is one of the most desperate cases on her files.     
12    A group of people who are walking or standing in single file are in a line, one behind the other.  
single file      phrase   PHR after v  
We were walking in single file to the lake.     

nail file        ( nail files    plural  ) , nailfile   A nail file is a small strip of rough metal or card that you rub across the ends of your nails to shorten them or shape them.      n-count  
rank and file     
Therank and file are the ordinary members of an organization or the ordinary workers in a company, as opposed to its leaders or managers.     (JOURNALISM)      n-sing   usu the N  
There was widespread support for him among the rank and file...     
scratch file        ( scratch files    plural  ) A scratch file is a temporary computer file which you use as a work area or as a store while a program is operating.     (COMPUTING)      n-count  
zip file        ( zip files    plural  ) A zip file is a computer file containing data that has been compressed.     (COMPUTING)      n-count  
When you download the font it may be in a compressed format, such as a zip file.     
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finalize smth. successfully / in a positive manner
E.g.: The negotiations were tough, but they ended on a high note
share ideas based on a similar experience
[Fig.] E.g.: They were both going through a divorce, so they met to compare notes.
the electronic contents generated by an electronic device or system in form of an electronic form or as a printed output (excluding the computer system files) are called e-documents
[Tech.];[Leg.] electronic contents
Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files based on interaction between pieces of data.
[Tech.] Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files
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