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  ( extras    plural  )
1       adj   You use extra to describe an amount, person, or thing that is added to others of the same kind, or that can be added to others of the same kind.  
ADJ n   (=additional)  
Police warned motorists to allow extra time to get to work..., Extra staff have been taken on to cover busy periods..., There's an extra blanket in the bottom drawer of the cupboard.     
2       adj   If something is extra, you have to pay more money for it in addition to what you are already paying for something.  
v-link ADJ  
The price of your meal is extra.     
      Extra is also a pronoun., pron  
Many of the additional features now cost extra...     
      Extra is also an adverb., adv  
You may be charged 10% extra for this service.     
3       n-count   Extras are additional amounts of money that are added to the price that you have to pay for something.  
usu pl  
There are no hidden extras.     
4       n-count   Extras are things which are not necessary in a situation, activity, or object, but which make it more comfortable, useful, or enjoyable.  
usu pl  
Optional extras include cooking tuition at a top restaurant...     
5       n-count   The extras in a film are the people who play unimportant parts, for example as members of a crowd.  
6       adv   You can use extra in front of adjectives and adverbs to emphasize the quality that they are describing.  
INFORMAL   ADV adj/adv     (emphasis)    (=especially)  
I'd have to be extra careful..., What makes a magnificent garden extra special?...     
    to go the extra mile  

extra- is used to form adjectives indicating that something is outside something or is not part of it.  
FORMAL      prefix  
The move was extra-constitutional..., They competed for power through a combination of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary methods..., The report says torture was widespread, as were extra-judicial executions by government troops.     
extra-marital      , extramarital  
An extra-marital affair is a sexual relationship between a married person and another person who is not their husband or wife.      adj   usu ADJ n  
Her husband has admitted having an extra-marital affair.     
extra-mural      , extramural  
Extra-mural courses are courses at a college or university which are taken mainly by part-time students.      adj   usu ADJ n  
extra-sensory perception      , extrasensory perception  
Extra-sensory perception means knowing without using your ordinary senses such as sight and hearing. Some people believe this is possible. The abbreviation ESP is also used.      n-uncount  
extra time     
If a game of football, hockey, or basketball goes into extra time, the game continues for a set period after it would usually have ended because both teams have the same score.  
  (BRIT)      n-uncount  
Cambridge won 2-0 after extra time.     
in AM, use overtime     
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from without, from external sources
Latin expression used mostly in the juridical field.
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