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1       adj   External is used to indicate that something is on the outside of a surface or body, or that it exists, happens, or comes from outside.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: internal)    ...a much reduced heat loss through external walls., ...internal and external allergic reactions.     
  externally      adv   usu ADV with v  
Vitamins can be applied externally to the skin., ...externally imposed conditions.     
2       adj   External means involving or intended for foreign countries.  
ADJ n  
...the commissioner for external affairs., ...Jamaica's external debt., ...the republic's external borders.     
  externally      adv   usu ADV after v  
...protecting the value of the mark both internally and externally.     
3       adj   External means happening or existing in the world in general and affecting you in some way.  
ADJ n  
...a reaction to external events..., Such events occur only when the external conditions are favorable.     
4       adj   External experts, for example external examiners, come into an organization from outside in order to do a particular job fairly and impartially, or to check that a particular job was done properly.  
  (mainly BRIT)   ADJ n   (=outside)  
  externally      adv   ADV -ed  
There must be externally moderated tests.     
5    If medicine is for external use, it is intended to be used only on the outside of your body, and not to be eaten or drunk.  
for external use      phrase   v-link PHR, PHR after v  
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from without, from external sources
Latin expression used mostly in the juridical field.
innovation paradigm that assumes firms should use external ideas and/or external paths to market in their innovation process
[Tech.];[Bus.] word coined by Henry Chesbrough, who opposes this paradigm to the closed innovation one, where all the innovation process happens within the borders of the firm.
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