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  ( expresses    plural & 3rd person present)   ( expressing    present participle)   ( expressed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When you express an idea or feeling, or expressyourself, you show what you think or feel.  
He expressed grave concern at American attitudes...      V n  
He expresses himself easily in English...      V pron-refl  
2       verb   If an idea or feeling expressesitself in some way, it can be clearly seen in someone's actions or in its effects on a situation.   (=manifest)  
The anxiety of the separation often expresses itself as anger towards the child for getting lost.      V pron-refl prep  
3       verb   In mathematics, if you express a quantity or mathematical problem in a particular way, you write it using particular symbols, figures, or equations.     (TECHNICAL)  
It is expressed as a percentage.      V n prep  
4       adj   An express command or order is one that is clearly and deliberately stated.  
FORMAL   ADJ n   (=explicit)  
The ship was sunk on express orders from the Prime Minister.     
  expressly      adv   ADV before v  
He has expressly forbidden her to go out on her own.     
5       adj   If you refer to an express intention or purpose, you are emphasizing that it is a deliberate and specific one that you have before you do something.  
ADJ n     (emphasis)    (=specific)  
I had obtained my first camera for the express purpose of taking railway photographs.     
  expressly      adv   ADV before v, ADV prep/to-inf  
...projects expressly designed to support cattle farmers...     
6       adj   Express is used to describe special services which are provided by companies or organizations such as the Post Office, in which things are sent or done faster than usual for a higher price.  
ADJ n  
A special express service is available by fax..., It was sent to us by express mail.     
      Express is also an adverb., adv  
Send it express.     
7       n-count   An express or an express train is a fast train which stops at very few stations.  
oft N to/for n  
Punctually at 7.45, the express to Kuala Lumpur left Singapore station...     
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a small digital image or icon used to express or convey an idea, a mood or an emotion in electronic communication. It's a loanword from japoneese coming from e 'picture'+ moji 'letter, character'.
[Internet] Althoug being coincidental, the resemblance of the term 'emoji' to the english word 'emoticon' (a facial expression composed of keyboard characters, such as :-)) helps its memorability. 😊
Used to express that it is impossible to decide between two options because they're equal
English expression
Used to express one's enthusiasm about a new person, or a new thing such as an idea, plan, invention or innovation
The way she goes on about him!; you'd think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread / Wow! this video game is the best thing since sliced bread!
persuade by praise or false promise; coax; wheedle
tempting someone with promise of reward (an attractive person in general) to reveal information or to test one's partner loyalty, faithfulness : can be for lovers, business partners, espionage
A small short-term loan, with very high interest rates, that the borrower promises to repay on or near the next payday. Used by wage earners who run short of cash before payday. Payday lending is an established form of lending in the US and Canada.
Also: payday advance, overnight loan.
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