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  ( executes    3rd person present)   ( executing    present participle)   ( executed    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   To execute someone means to kill them as a punishment for a serious crime.  
He was executed by lethal injection earlier today...      be V-ed  
One group claimed to have executed the American hostage...      V n  
This boy's father had been executed for conspiring against the throne.      be V-ed for n/-ing  
  execution     ( executions    plural)    n-var  
Execution by lethal injection is scheduled for July 30th.     
2       verb   If you execute a plan, you carry it out.  
FORMAL   We are going to execute our campaign plan to the letter.      V n  
  execution      n-uncount  
US forces are fully prepared for the execution of any action once the order is given by the president.     
3       verb   If you execute a difficult action or movement, you successfully perform it.  
The landing was skilfully executed.      V n  
4       verb   When someone executes a work of art, they make or produce it, using an idea as a basis.  
Morris executed a suite of twelve drawings in 1978...      V n  
A well-executed shot of a tall ship is a joy to behold.      V-ed  
  execution      n-uncount  
The ideas in the show's presentation were good, but failed in execution.     
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1    behead, electrocute, guillotine, hang, kill, put to death, shoot  
2    accomplish, achieve, administer, bring off, carry out, complete, consummate, discharge, do, effect, enact, enforce, finish, fulfil, implement, perform, prosecute, put into effect, realize, render  
3      (Law)   deliver, seal, serve, sign, validate  

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a virtual component in cyberspace which may be in any form and may execute any function, solely or partially.
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