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     ( excesses    plural  )
The noun is pronounced ɪkses. The adjective is pronounced ekses.     
1       n-var   An excessof something is a larger amount than is needed, allowed, or usual.  
with supp, usu a N of n  
An excess of house plants in a small flat can be oppressive..., Polyunsaturated oils are essential for health. Excess is harmful, however.     
2       adj   Excess is used to describe amounts that are greater than what is needed, allowed, or usual.  
ADJ n   (=surplus)  
After cooking the fish, pour off any excess fat...     
3       n-uncount   Excess is behaviour that is unacceptable because it is considered too extreme or immoral.  
also N in pl  
She said she was sick of her life of excess., ...adolescent excess.     
4       adj   Excess is used to refer to additional amounts of money that need to be paid for services and activities that were not originally planned or taken into account.  
...a letter demanding an excess fare of £20...     
5       n-count   The excess on an insurance policy is a sum of money which the insured person has to pay towards the cost of a claim. The insurance company pays the rest.  
  (BRIT, BUSINESS, TECHNICAL)   usu sing  
The company wanted £1,800 for a policy with a £400 excess for under-21s.     
6    In excess of means more than a particular amount.  
in excess of      prep-phrase   PREP amount  
Avoid deposits in excess of £20,000 in any one account...     
7    If you do something to excess, you do it too much.  
to excess      phrase   PHR after v     (disapproval)    I was reasonably fit, played a lot of tennis, and didn't smoke or drink to excess...     

excess baggage   , excess luggage  
1       n-uncount   On an aeroplane journey, excess baggage is luggage that is larger or weighs more than your ticket allows, so that you have to pay extra to take it on board.  
2       n-uncount   You can use excess baggage to talk about problems or events from someone's past which you think still worry them, especially when you think these things make it difficult for the person to cope or develop.  
The good thing about these younger players is that they are not carrying any excess baggage from less successful times.     
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watching TV in excess
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