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  ( entwines    3rd person present)   ( entwining    present participle)   ( entwined          past tense & past participle  )
1       v-recip   If one thing is entwinedwith another thing, or if you entwine two things, the two things are twisted around each other.  
His dazed eyes stare at the eels, which still writhe and entwine...      pl-n V  
Facing each other, the giraffes were managing to entwine their necks in the most astonishing manner...      V pl-n  
He entwined his fingers with hers.      V n with n  
...with silk ribbons and flowers entwined in their hair.      V-ed, Also V with n, V n (non-recip)  
2       verb   If two things entwine or are entwined, they closely resemble or are linked to each other, and they are difficult to separate or identify.  
The book entwines the personal and the political to chart the history of four generations of the family...      V pl-n  
Once, years ago, he told me our lives should entwine.      pl-n V  
   entwined             adj   oft ADJ with n  
...before media manipulation became entwined with management.     
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