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1       adj   Emotional means concerned with emotions and feelings.  
usu ADJ n   (=psychological)  
I needed this man's love, and the emotional support he was giving me..., Victims are left with emotional problems that can last for life.     
  emotionally      adv   ADV adj/-ed  
Are you saying that you're becoming emotionally involved with me?     
2       adj   An emotional situation or issue is one that causes people to have strong feelings.   (=emotive)  
It's a very emotional issue. How can you advocate selling the ivory from elephants?     
  emotionally      adv   ADV adj/-ed  
In an emotionally charged speech, he said he was resigning.     
3       adj   If someone is or becomes emotional, they show their feelings very openly, especially because they are upset.  
He is a very emotional man..., I don't get as emotional as I once did.     

emotional capital     
When people refer to the emotional capital of a company, they mean all the psychological assets and resources of the company, such as how the employees feel about the company.     (BUSINESS)      n-uncount  
UK organisations are not nourishing their intellectual and emotional capital.     
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