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1       adj   An electric device or machine works by means of electricity, rather than using some other source of power.  
usu ADJ n  
...her electric guitar.     
2       adj   An electric current, voltage, or charge is one that is produced by electricity.  
ADJ n  
3       adj   Electric plugs, sockets, or power lines are designed to carry electricity.  
ADJ n  
4       adj   Electric is used to refer to the supply of electricity.  
INFORMAL   ADJ n   (=electricity)  
An average electric bill might go up $2 or $3 per month...     
5       adj   If you describe the atmosphere of a place or event as electric, you mean that people are in a state of great excitement.  
The mood in the hall was electric.     

electric blanket        ( electric blankets    plural  ) An electric blanket is a blanket with wires inside it which carry an electric current that keeps the blanket warm.      n-count  
electric blue      , electric-blue  
Something that is electric blue is very bright blue in colour.      colour  
electric chair        ( electric chairs    plural  ) Theelectric chair is a method of killing criminals, used especially in the United States, in which a person is strapped to a special chair and killed by a powerful electric current.      n-count   usu the N in sing  
electric shock        ( electric shocks    plural  ) If you get an electric shock, you get a sudden painful feeling when you touch something which is connected to a supply of electricity.      n-count  
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Absence of Electric Systoles = Cardiac Arrest
electric spectrum of data creating, storing, retrieving and synchronizing
[Tech.];[Leg.] date relating to electric digits
live without being connected to one of more public utilities (such as water, electric power)
physician in charge in a SAMU medical Regulation center of evaluation of , calssification , sorting Medical Emergencies, and deciding of the prehospital best emergency care
called also Medical Regulator and different of English Medical Dispatchers who are not physicians
1. the discharge or release of a person appearing in court of all criminal charges because they have been found not guilty. 2. a release from an obligation, duty, or debt.
legal E.g After the clear acquittal from the judge, he had to start his life all over again.
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