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  ( efforts    plural  )
1       n-var   If you make an effortto do something, you try very hard to do it.  
oft N to-inf  
He made no effort to hide his disappointment..., Finding a cure requires considerable time and effort., ...his efforts to reform Italian research..., Despite the efforts of the United Nations, the problem of drug traffic continues to grow..., But a concerted effort has begun to improve the quality of the urban air.     
2       n-uncount   If you say that someone did something witheffort or withan effort, you mean it was difficult for them to do.  
WRITTEN   usu with N, also a N   (=difficulty)  
She took a deep breath and sat up slowly and with great effort..., With an effort she contained her irritation.     
3       n-count   An effort is a particular series of activities that is organized by a group of people in order to achieve something.  
usu supp N  
...a famine relief effort in Angola.     
4       n-sing   If you say that something is an effort, you mean that an unusual amount of physical or mental energy is needed to do it.  
a N   (=strain, struggle)  
Even carrying the camcorder while hiking in the forest was an effort.     
5    If you make the effortto do something, you do it, even though you need extra energy to do it or you do not really want to.  
make the effort      phrase   V inflects, oft PHR to-inf  
I don't get lonely now because I make the effort to see people.     
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1    application, blood, sweat, and tears     (informal)   elbow grease     (facetious)   endeavour, energy, exertion, force, labour, pains, power, strain, stress, stretch, striving, struggle, toil, travail     (literary)   trouble, work  
2    attempt, endeavour, essay, go     (informal)   shot     (informal)   stab     (informal)   try  
3    accomplishment, achievement, act, creation, deed, feat, job, product, production  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
make an attempt, endeavor, make an effort
a deliberate and strategic effort to engage one in a donor/investor relationship
(about a positive event/situation) happen out of the blue, without any effort from the impacted persons
expression referring to a high amount of effort, dedication, endurance for pursuing a cause, achieving a goal
He put blood, sweat and tears in making this movie
to do two things at the same time using the effort needed to do only one
make a lot of efforts to understand something
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