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1       adj   Distant means very far away.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: nearby)    The mountains rolled away to a distant horizon., ...the war in that distant land.     
2       adj   You use distant to describe a time or event that is very far away in the future or in the past.  
usu ADJ n   (=faraway)     (Antonym: near)    There is little doubt, however, that things will improve in the not too distant future...     
3       adj   A distant relative is one who you are not closely related to.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: close)    He's a distant relative of the mayor...     
  distantly      adv   usu ADV -ed  
His father's distantly related to the Royal family.     
4       adj   If you describe someone as distant, you mean that you find them cold and unfriendly.  
v-link ADJ   (=aloof)  
He found her cold, ice-like and distant...     
5       adj   If you describe someone as distant, you mean that they are not concentrating on what they are doing because they are thinking about other things.   (=faraway)  
There was a distant look in her eyes from time to time, her thoughts elsewhere.     
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an acquaintance or relative close enough to greet by giving a kiss
set of data relative to the online activity of one particular user
relative to people who are attached but don't want to be too intimate with someone on whom they are dependent
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