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[2]     ( deals    plural & 3rd person present)   ( dealing    present participle)   ( dealt    past tense & past participle  )   (VERB AND NOUN USES)  
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1       n-count   If you make a deal, do a deal, or cut a deal, you complete an agreement or an arrangement with someone, especially in business.     (BUSINESS)  
Japan will have to do a deal with America on rice imports..., The two sides tried and failed to come to a deal..., He was involved in shady business deals...     
2       verb   If a person, company, or shop deals in a particular type of goods, their business involves buying or selling those goods.     (BUSINESS)  
They deal in antiques...      V in n  
...the rights of our citizens to hold and to deal in foreign currency.      V in n  
3       verb   If someone deals illegal drugs, they sell them.  
I certainly don't deal drugs.      V n  
  dealing      n-uncount   oft n N  
...his involvement in drug dealing and illegal money laundering.     
4       n-count   If someone has had a bad deal, they have been unfortunate or have been treated unfairly.  
adj N  
The people of Liverpool have had a bad deal for many, many years.     
5       verb   If you deal playing cards, you give them out to the players in a game of cards.  
The croupier dealt each player a card, face down...      V n n  
He once dealt cards in an illegal gambling joint.      V n  
      Deal out means the same as deal., phrasal verb  
Dalton dealt out five cards to each player.      V P n (not pron)  
6    If an event deals a blowto something or someone, it causes them great difficulties or makes failure more likely.     (JOURNALISM)  
deal a blow             phrase   V inflects  
The summer drought has dealt a heavy blow to the government's economic record...     
    wheel and deal  
    a raw deal  
    raw   deal out      phrasal verb   If someone deals out a punishment or harmful action, they punish or harm someone.  
(=mete out)  

...a failure to deal out effective punishment to aggressors.      V P n (not pron) to n   deal with  
1       phrasal verb   When you deal with something or someone that needs attention, you give your attention to them, and often solve a problem or make a decision concerning them.   (=handle)  
...the way that building societies deal with complaints...      V P n  
The President said the agreement would allow other vital problems to be dealt with.      V P n  
2       phrasal verb   If you deal with an unpleasant emotion or an emotionally difficult situation, you recognize it, and remain calm and in control of yourself in spite of it.  
She saw a psychiatrist who used hypnotism to help her deal with her fear...      V P n  
3       phrasal verb   If a book, speech, or film deals with a particular thing, it has that thing as its subject or is concerned with it.  
...the parts of his book which deal with contemporary Paris.      V P n  
4       phrasal verb   If you deal with a particular person or organization, you have business relations with them.  
When I worked in Florida I dealt with British people all the time...      V P n  
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  
deal          [1]     (QUANTIFIER USES)   If you say that you need or have a great deal of or a good deal of a particular thing, you are emphasizing that you need or have a lot of it.      quant   QUANT of n-uncount/def-n     (emphasis)    ...a great deal of money..., I am in a position to save you a good deal of time.     
      Deal is also an adverb., adv   ADV compar, ADV after v  
Their lives became a good deal more comfortable..., He depended a great deal on his wife for support.     
      Deal is also a pronoun., pron  
Although he had never met Geoffrey Hardcastle, he knew a good deal about him.     

Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  




1      (with)       with   attend to, come to grips with, cope with, get to grips with, handle, manage, oversee, see to, take care of, treat  
2      (with)       with   concern, consider, treat (of)  
3      (with)       with   act, behave, conduct oneself  
4    bargain, buy and sell, do business, negotiate, sell, stock, trade, traffic, treat (with)  
5      (informal)   agreement, arrangement, bargain, contract, pact, transaction, understanding  
6    allot, apportion, assign, bestow, dispense, distribute, divide, dole out, give, mete out, reward, share  
7    amount, degree, distribution, extent, portion, quantity, share, transaction  
8    cut and shuffle, distribution, hand, round, single game  

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an agreement through which one of the parties is offered very advantageous conditions because of the special relation with the partner
[Bus.] most frequently ,"sweetheart deal" has a negative connotation implying the idea of illegality or immorality .
name given to the Great Lakes Storm of 1913
blow job ; oral sex
the part of philosophy that deals with knowledge
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