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  ( curls    plural & 3rd person present)   ( curling    present participle)   ( curled    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   If you have curls, your hair is in the form of tight curves and spirals.  
...the little girl with blonde curls...     
2       n-uncount   If your hair has curl, it is full of curls.  
Dry curly hair naturally for maximum curl and shine.     
3       verb   If your hair curls or if you curl it, it is full of curls.  
She has hair that refuses to curl...      V  
Maria had curled her hair for the event...      V n  
Afro hair is short and tightly curled.      V-ed  
4       n-count   A curlof something is a piece or quantity of it that is curved or spiral in shape.  
usu with supp, oft N of n  
A thin curl of smoke rose from a rusty stove., ...curls of lemon peel.     
5       verb   If your toes, fingers, or other parts of your body curl, or if you curl them, they form a curved or round shape.   (=bend)  
His fingers curled gently round her wrist...      V prep/adv  
Raise one foot, curl the toes and point the foot downwards...      V n  
She sat with her legs curled under her.      V-ed, Also V, V n prep/adv  
6       verb   If something curls somewhere, or if you curl it there, it moves there in a spiral or curve.  
Smoke was curling up the chimney...      V prep/adv  
He curled the ball into the net.      V n prep/adv  
7       verb   If a person or animal curls into a ball, they move into a position in which their body makes a rounded shape.  
He wanted to curl into a tiny ball...      V into n  
The kitten was curled on a cushion on the sofa.      V-ed  
      Curl up means the same as curl., phrasal verb  
In colder weather, your cat will curl up into a tight, heat-conserving ball...      V P into n  
She curled up next to him...      V P  
He was asleep there, curled up in the fetal position.      V-ed P  
8       verb   When a leaf, a piece of paper, or another flat object curls, its edges bend towards the centre.  
The rose leaves have curled because of an attack by grubs.      V  
      Curl up means the same as curl., phrasal verb  
The corners of the lino were curling up.      V P   curl up         
    curl 7, 8  
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  


      vb   bend, coil, convolute, corkscrew, crimp, crinkle, crisp, curve, entwine, frizz, loop, meander, ripple, spiral, turn, twine, twirl, twist, wind, wreathe, writhe  
      n   coil, curlicue, kink, ringlet, spiral, twist, whorl  

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