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  ( crowns    plural & 3rd person present)   ( crowning    present participle)   ( crowned    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A crown is a circular ornament, usually made of gold and jewels, which a king or queen wears on their head at official ceremonies. You can also use crown to refer to anything circular that is worn on someone's head.  
...a crown of flowers.     
2       n-proper   The government of a country that has a king or queen is sometimes referred to as the Crown. In British criminal cases the prosecutor is the Crown.  
the N  
She says the sovereignty of the Crown must be preserved., ...a Minister of the Crown., ...chief witness for the Crown.     
3       verb   When a king or queen is crowned, a crown is placed on their head as part of a ceremony in which they are officially made king or queen.  
usu passive  
Elizabeth was crowned in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953...      be V-ed  
Two days later, Juan Carlos was crowned king.      be V-ed n  
...the newly crowned King.      V-ed  
4       n-count   Your crown is the top part of your head, at the back.  
usu sing, usu with supp  
He laid his hand gently on the crown of her head.     
5       n-count   A crown is an artificial top piece fixed over a broken or decayed tooth.  
6       n-count   In sport, winning an important competition is sometimes referred to as a crown.  
oft n N  
...his dream of a fourth Wimbledon crown.     
7       verb   An achievement or event that crowns something makes it perfect, successful, or complete.  
The summit was crowned by the signing of the historic START treaty.      V n  
...the crowning achievement of his career.      V-ing  

Crown Court        ( Crown Courts    plural  ) In England and Wales, a Crown Court is a court in which criminal cases are tried by a judge and jury rather than by a magistrate.      n-count   usu sing, oft in names  
He appeared at Manchester Crown Court on Thursday on a drink-driving charge.     
crown jewel        ( crown jewels    plural  ) The Crown Jewels are the crown, sceptre, and other precious objects which are used on important official occasions by the King or Queen.      n-plural   the N  
Crown Prince        ( Crown Princes    plural  ) A Crown Prince is a prince who will be king of his country when the present king or queen dies.      n-count   usu the N in sing; N-TITLE  
...the crown prince's palace., ...Sultan Mahmood's son, Crown Prince Ibrahim Mahmood.     
Crown Princess        ( Crown Princesses    plural  ) A Crown Princess is a princess who is the wife of a Crown Prince, or will be queen of her country when the present king or queen dies.      n-count   usu the N in sing; N-TITLE  
...his second wife, Crown Princess Catherine.     
crown prosecutor        ( crown prosecutors    plural  ) In Britain, a crown prosecutor is a lawyer who works for the state and who prosecutes people who are accused of crimes.      n-count   usu sing  
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