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  ( constructions    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Construction is the building of things such as houses, factories, roads, and bridges.,   (Antonym: demolition)    He'd already started construction on a hunting lodge., ...the only nuclear power station under construction in Britain., ...the downturn in the construction industry...     
2       n-uncount   The construction of something such as a vehicle or machine is the making of it.  
with supp  
...companies who have long experience in the construction of those types of equipment..., With the exception of teak, this is the finest wood for boat construction.     
3       n-uncount   The construction of something such as a system is the creation of it.  
with poss   (=creation)  
...the construction of a just system of criminal justice.     
4       n-count   You can refer to an object that has been built or made as a construction.  
usu supp N   (=structure)  
The British pavilion is an impressive steel and glass construction the size of Westminster Abbey.     
5       n-uncount   You use construction to refer to the structure of something and the way it has been built or made.  
usu with supp  
The Shakers believed that furniture should be plain, simple, useful, practical and of sound construction..., The chairs were light in construction yet extremely strong.     
6       n-count   A grammatical construction is a particular arrangement of words in a sentence, clause, or phrase.   (=structure)  
Avoid complex verbal constructions.     
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be very expensive; cost a lot
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