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1       adj   If a situation or agreement is conditionalon something, it will only happen or continue if this thing happens.  
oft ADJ on n/-ing  
Their support is conditional on his proposals meeting their approval., ...a conditional offer.     
  conditionally      adv   ADV with v  
Mr Smith has conditionally agreed to buy a shareholding in the club.     
2       adj   In grammar, a conditional clause is a subordinate clause which refers to a situation which may exist or whose possible consequences you are considering. Most conditional clauses begin with `if' or `unless', for example `If that happens, we'll be in big trouble' and `You don't have to come unless you want to'.  
ADJ n  

conditional discharge        ( conditional discharges    plural  ) If someone who is convicted of an offence is given a conditional discharge by a court, they are not punished unless they later commit a further offence.  
  (BRIT, LEGAL)      n-count   usu sing  
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