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1       adj   Clinical means involving or relating to the direct medical treatment or testing of patients.     (MEDICAL)   ADJ n  
The first clinical trials were expected to begin next year., ...a clinical psychologist.     
  clinically      adv   usu ADV adj/-ed  
It has been clinically proved that it is better to stretch the tight muscles first.     
2       adj   You use clinical to describe thought or behaviour which is very logical and does not involve any emotion.,   (disapproval)    (=impersonal)  
All this questioning is so analytical and clinical<endash>it kills romance.     

clinical trial        ( clinical trials    plural  ) When a new type of drug or medical treatment undergoes clinical trials, it is tested directly on patients to see if it is effective.      n-count  
Two rival laser surgery systems are undergoing clinical trials in the US.     
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very large collection of digital data, whose analysis allows to predict patterns and behaviours through inductive reasoning
[Tech.] big data can be applied to behavioural retargeting in marketing, but also to predict epidemies through Google searches or analysing DNA
virtual storing of data
[Tech.] used for example to store users' navigation data for data mining
fraudulent changing of data before or during entry into the computer system.
[Tech.];[Leg.] examples include: forging or counterfeiting documents used for data entry and exchanging valid disks and tapes with modified replacements.
fill in information e.g. populate a table with data
set of data relative to the online activity of one particular user
Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files based on interaction between pieces of data.
[Tech.] Interactive Databases System is a process of storing data in files
Cybersecurity are measures of adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack.
electric spectrum of data creating, storing, retrieving and synchronizing
[Tech.];[Leg.] date relating to electric digits
Digital footprint is a track left by user in form of data in process of transmission of information online


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