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  ( clays    plural  )
1       n-mass   Clay is a kind of earth that is soft when it is wet and hard when it is dry. Clay is shaped and baked to make things such as pots and bricks.  
oft N n  
...the heavy clay soils of Cambridgeshire..., As the wheel turned, the potter shaped and squeezed the lump of clay into a graceful shape., ...a little clay pot.     
2       n-uncount   In tennis, matches played on clay are played on courts whose surface is covered with finely crushed stones or brick.  
oft on N, N n  
He was a clay-court specialist who won Wimbledon five times.     

clay pigeon        ( clay pigeons    plural  ) Clay pigeons are discs of baked clay which are thrown into the air by a machine as targets for gun shooting practice.      n-count   usu N n  
...hunting and clay-pigeon shooting.     
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in American English, 'dirt' is what British people call 'soil' ('put some dirt in a plant pot'). In British English, dirt has the connotation of being dirty ('you've got some dirt on your shoe')
a humorous and old-fashioned word that means a chamber pot
Comes from the fact that the chamber pot 'gazunder' (= goes under) the bed
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