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1       adj   Something that is central is in the middle of a place or area.  
...Central America's Caribbean coast..., ...a rich woman living in central London.     
  centrally      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v  
The main cabin has its full-sized double bed centrally placed with plenty of room around it.     
2       adj   A place that is central is easy to reach because it is in the centre of a city, town, or particular area.  
...a central location in the capital.     
  centrally      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v  
...this centrally located hotel, situated on the banks of the Marne Canal.     
3       adj   A central group or organization makes all the important decisions that are followed throughout a larger organization or a country.  
ADJ n  
There is a lack of trust towards the central government in Rome., ...the central committee of the Cuban communist party.     
  centrally      adv   ADV -ed, ADV after v  
This is a centrally planned economy.     
4       adj   The central person or thing in a particular situation is the most important one.  
oft ADJ to n  
Black dance music has been central to mainstream pop since the early '60s., ...a central part of their culture.     
  centrality      n-uncount   usu N of n  
The centrality of the German economy to the welfare of Europe must be recognised.     
  centrally      adv   ADV with cl/group, ADV after v  
In her memoirs Naomi is quick to acknowledge that her grandmother was centrally important in her venture as a writer.     

central heating     
Central heating is a heating system for buildings. Air or water is heated in one place and travels round a building through pipes and radiators.      n-uncount  
central nervous system        ( central nervous systems    plural  ) Your central nervous system is the part of your nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord.      n-count  
central reservation        ( central reservations    plural  ) The central reservation is the strip of ground, often covered with grass, that separates the two sides of a major road.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
in AM, use median , median strip     
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a very creative person; someone who is always able to come up with fresh ideas
the most important or central part of something
[US] The core of the book focuses on the period between 1660 and 1857.
perceive (an idea or situation) mentally
"I just realised how important is that trip for you."
series of concentric, expanding circles caused by ripples in water from a central point
unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.
a small digital image or icon used to express or convey an idea, a mood or an emotion in electronic communication. It's a loanword from japoneese coming from e 'picture'+ moji 'letter, character'.
[Internet] Althoug being coincidental, the resemblance of the term 'emoji' to the english word 'emoticon' (a facial expression composed of keyboard characters, such as :-)) helps its memorability. 😊
it occurred to me, I suddenly thought of it, I had an idea all of a sudden
E.g: I wondered all day long how to solve this problem and it suddenly hit me...I had to talk to Marry.
I have no idea; I don't have a clue
[Informal] E.g.: Why was she upset? - Beats me!
extremely [with the idea of "abnormally"]
freakishly successful/large/lifelike
green and yellow; of or in the style of the 19th century Aesthetic movement (used to convey the idea of affectation)
[UK] a greenery-yallery fin-de-siècle lyricism
Used to express one's enthusiasm about a new person, or a new thing such as an idea, plan, invention or innovation
The way she goes on about him!; you'd think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread / Wow! this video game is the best thing since sliced bread!
process of creating ideas ; creation of ideas
share ideas based on a similar experience
[Fig.] E.g.: They were both going through a divorce, so they met to compare notes.
a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs from which something is developed, or on which decisions are based
The educational framework of ISB is much different from the framework (curriculum) where I used to go to school. I do like it though.
based on scientific testing or practical experience, not on ideas
I found out that the distance from the pond doesn't affect the number of plants from the empirical data I collected.
the preferred terminology used among the management hierarchy of a business establishment in reference to native ideas and common interests related to their particular field.
syn.: slang, jargon
innovation paradigm that assumes firms should use external ideas and/or external paths to market in their innovation process
[Tech.];[Bus.] word coined by Henry Chesbrough, who opposes this paradigm to the closed innovation one, where all the innovation process happens within the borders of the firm.
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
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