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1       adj   Something that is boiling or boiling hot is very hot.   (=baking)  
`It's boiling in here,' complained Miriam..., Often the food may be bubbling and boiling hot on the top, but the inside may still be cold.     
2       adj   If you say that you are boiling or boiling hot, you mean that you feel very hot, usually unpleasantly hot.  
v-link ADJ   (=sweltering)  
When everybody else is boiling hot, I'm freezing!     

boiling point   , boiling-point  
1       n-uncount   The boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which it starts to change into steam or vapour. For example, the boiling point of water is 100° centigrade.  
The boiling point of water is 373 K..., Heat the cream to boiling point and pour three quarters of it over the chocolate.     
2       n-uncount   If a situation reaches boiling point, the people involved have become so angry that they can no longer remain calm and in control of themselves.  
The situation is rapidly reaching boiling point, and the army has been put on stand-by...     
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in American English, 'dirt' is what British people call 'soil' ('put some dirt in a plant pot'). In British English, dirt has the connotation of being dirty ('you've got some dirt on your shoe')
a humorous and old-fashioned word that means a chamber pot
Comes from the fact that the chamber pot 'gazunder' (= goes under) the bed
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