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1       prep   If something is beyond a place or barrier, it is on the other side of it.  
They heard footsteps in the main room, beyond a door...     
      Beyond is also an adverb., adv   n ADV, and ADV  
The house had a fabulous view out to the Strait of Georgia and the Rockies beyond.     
2       prep   If something happens beyond a particular time or date, it continues after that time or date has passed.   (=past)  
Few jockeys continue race-riding beyond the age of 40...     
      Beyond is also an adverb., adv   and ADV  
The financing of home ownership will continue through the 1990s and beyond.     
3       prep   If something extends beyond a particular thing, it affects or includes other things.  
His interests extended beyond the fine arts to international politics and philosophy.     
4       prep   You use beyond to introduce an exception to what you are saying.  
I knew nothing beyond a few random facts.     
5       prep   If something goes beyond a particular point or stage, it progresses or increases so that it passes that point or stage.  
oft PREP -ing  
Their five-year relationship was strained beyond breaking point..., It seems to me he's beyond caring about what anybody does.     
6       prep   If something is, for example, beyond understanding or beyond belief, it is so extreme in some way that it cannot be understood or believed.  
What Jock had done was beyond my comprehension..., Sweden is lovely in summer<endash>cold beyond belief in winter...     
7       prep   If you say that something is beyond someone, you mean that they cannot deal with it.  
The situation was beyond her control.     
    beyond the pale  
    beyond someone's means  
    beyond your wildest dreams  
    beyond a joke  
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When a large group of competing corporations hope to use the government to protect or enhance their interests.
Economic Term.


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