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  ( beers    plural  ) Beer is a bitter alcoholic drink made from grain.      n-mass  
He sat in the kitchen drinking beer..., We have quite a good range of beers.     
      A glass of beer can be referred to as a beer., n-count  
Would you like a beer?     

beer belly        ( beer bellies    plural  ) If a man has a beer belly, he has a fat stomach because of drinking too much beer.      n-count   (=paunch)  
He was short and fat, with a large beer belly.     
beer gut        ( beer guts    plural  ) , beer-gut   A beer gut is the same as a beer belly.      n-count  
ginger beer        ( ginger beers    plural  ) Ginger beer is a fizzy drink that is made from syrup and ginger and is sometimes slightly alcoholic.      n-mass  
      A glass of ginger beer can be referred to as a ginger beer., n-count  
root beer        ( root beers    plural  ) Root beer is a fizzy non-alcoholic drink flavoured with the roots of various plants and herbs. It is popular in the United States.      n-uncount  
      A glass, can, or bottle of root beer can be referred to as a root beer., n-count  
Kevin buys a root beer.     
small beer     
If you say that something is small beer, you mean that it is unimportant in comparison with something else.  
  (BRIT)      n-uncount   (=peanuts)  
Such roles are small beer compared with the fame she once enjoyed.     
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could refer to a very weak cup of tea/pint of beer
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