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  ( auxiliaries    plural  )
1       n-count   An auxiliary is a person who is employed to assist other people in their work. Auxiliaries are often medical workers or members of the armed forces.   (=ancillary)  
Nursing auxiliaries provide basic care, but are not qualified nurses.     
2       adj   Auxiliary staff and troops assist other staff and troops.  
ADJ n  
The government's first concern was to augment the army and auxiliary forces.     
3       adj   Auxiliary equipment is extra equipment that is available for use when necessary.  
ADJ n auxiliary motor., ...auxiliary fuel tanks.     
4       n-count   In grammar, an auxiliary or auxiliary verb is a verb which is used with a main verb, for example to form different tenses or to make the verb passive. In English, the basic auxiliary verbs are `be', `have', and `do'. Modal verbs such as `can' and `will' are also sometimes called auxiliaries.  
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