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     ( associates    plural & 3rd person present)   ( associating    present participle)   ( associated    past tense & past participle  )
The verb is pronounced əsoʊsieɪt. The noun and adjective are pronounced əsoʊsiət.     
1       verb   If you associate someone or something with another thing, the two are connected in your mind.  
Through science we've got the idea of associating progress with the future...      V n with n  
2       verb   If you are associated with a particular organization, cause, or point of view, or if you associateyourself with it, you support it publicly.   (=affiliate)  
I haven't been associated with the project over the last year...      be V-ed with n  
The press feels the need to associate itself with the green movement.      V pron-refl with n  
3       verb   If you say that someone is associating with another person or group of people, you mean they are spending a lot of time in the company of people you do not approve of.  
What would they think if they knew that they were associating with a murderer?...      V with n  
4       n-count   Your associates are the people you are closely connected with, especially at work.  
oft n N   (=colleague)  
...the restaurant owner's business associates.     
5       adj   Associate is used before a rank or title to indicate a slightly different or lower rank or title.  
ADJ n  
Mr Lin is associate director of the Institute...     
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